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"From being spot on with delivery dates and maintaining a constant ink quality, Forbes Inkjet has always been dependable, straightforward and honest. I'm happy to recommend them to anybody out there looking for dependable service and a quality product. Thanks again Ron & Lisa!!"
- Bill Mason, Church Budget Mailing, Salem, Ohio
"The Printing Press, Inc. has been a customer of Forbes Inkjet for many years. Ron, Lisa and their team have always handled our supply orders with consistency in both service and cost. Thank you, Forbes Inkjet, for your hospitality and for always being readily available to get things out quickly for us each time we order! You guys are amazing!"
- Denise J. Porter, Pointers
"Best. Product. Ever! Forbes Inkjet is the next killer app. I use Duplicator Source often. It's the perfect solution for our business."
- Sherry, The Printing Press, Inc., Troy, Alabama
"Since 1996 I have purchased 4 machines from you - I would recommend to anyone to strongly consider Duplicator Source. Your support after the sale is par excellence."
- John Marr, The Printing Zone, Zephyrhills, Fl
"I would just like to say how fortunate I am to have worked with Ron for the past 28 years. Yes, that is correct! 28 Years! Ron is our "go to" for Riso printers, supplies and support. We have purchased many machines from Ron over the years because of his client dedication, professionalism and remarkable personal character traits. He has excessive technological knowledge on this equipment and provides us with a wealth of information. We consider you one of our most highly valued and appreciated partners."
- Steve Strunk, SBS, Dublin, OH

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